CJ Owiny Dollo And MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke

Ever since the Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo’s video surfaced online where he was hitting with what was referred to as tribal sentiments at Bagandas and Buganda kingdom and other leaders, much has been said and many leaders including the Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga and Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze have urged him to withdraw his statements.

The kingdom in particular clapped back at him where it clarified on the matter where Chief Justice claimed Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was flown by a presidential jet to German last year using public funds which he wasn’t entitled to, in a press release by Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, he clarified that Kabaka used KLM airlines not Museveni’s presidential jet.

Below is a letter jotted by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Bakireke Nambooze a staunch Buganda apologist to Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo.


Dear Chief Justice Owinyi Dolo,
I write this public letter to advise that you must make a public apology and also resign for abusing Office, tribalism and behaving in a manner that is unbecoming of a Chief Justice.

It high time we get to fight impunity…. How can a Chief Justice act with such grave delinquency as depicted in the speech you made at the vigil to mourn the fallen Speaker of Parliament ?! Most probably by this letter you are going to further accuse me of persecuting the Acholi as a muganda.

Making false allegations on the person of the Kabaka and the people of Buganda hence Ugandans… with intention that you make him appear bad and therefore invite hate to a cultural leader, a King who for years has demonstrated that Uganda belongs to us all….Standing out in an extremely tribalistic manner…you called the Kabaka an ethnic leader with intention to lower his honor……

….and Condemn Baganda as a people unheard hence failing publicly on the Principal of natural justice … It is true that you grossly mislead the public about the death of the Speaker of Parliament and made the deceased appear as if he was a tribal activist and not a National leader….

Your speech contained hidden incisive allegations to the Acholi as a people against their fellow Ugandans the Baganda….The fact is that you knew and intended to Peddle lies so as you would succeed in promoting divisions and tribalism among Ugandans…… This you did CJ Owinyi Dolo!

I wish to inform you that you greatly insulted Ugandans who trusted you with a big Office and honour when you stood to champion hate in a speech fully informed by a calculated agenda to vilify, humiliate and incite hatred against the Baganda as a people.

I don’t know whether its part of your duty as a CJ to visit the sick in foreign countries for which you would require Ugandan taxpayers to sponsor your trips or you enjoyed the misuse of public funds to go and return to do a politically motivated campaign against the Baganda and members of the National Unity Party?! Of what importance was your globe trotting to the sick man?

Your demeanor exposed the deep seated hate and dislike you have for Uganda’s biggest and central community of the Baganda…Interestingly you built a private home in Buganda and you have raised your children in Buganda and never ever before have you ever been a subject of contention and or debate direct or indirectly by the Baganda both as a CJ and as a person.

I refer you to the provisions of the judicial code of conduct that requires you and all the judicial Officers of whatever rank to at all times act in a manner that is not likely to cause embarrassment, disrepute or lower the integrity of the judiciary in and out of court.

To prove that as a CJ you’re now a liability to Ugandan judicially and that you will do us better to stand down from the Sanctus Office of a Country’s Chief Justice instead of waiting for Ugandans to force you out ….I quote Proffesor Chuba Okadigbo who said of people like you, that

“If you are emotionally attached to your tribe, religion or political leaning to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, your education and exposure is useless. If you cannot reason beyond petty sentiments, you are a liability.“

The things you involved yourself in cant be excused of a judicial Officer at any rank including the LC1 Chairman presiding over his executive sitting as the LC1 Court.

For and on behalf of Ugandans who cherish justice…. who believe in a Uganda united and prospering in diversity…. on behalf of the people I represent in Parliament where I’m honored to Chair one of the accountability committees…..The Government Assurances and Implementation Comittee….I raise this matter which is of great National concern.

You having publicly behaved in total contradiction of the Assurances of a fair, free, loving, respectful, Country of Uganda… in which we as a Government…. One arm led by yourself, have promised a Uganda united in diversity and giving the people directly and indirectly a Government that will ensure that each of the millions of Uganda live to realize his/her full potential while living in harmony with other Ugandans……

And on behalf of a categories of Baganda in which community I was born and lived…. as a descendant of Namwama our Great -Great Grandfather of the Kobe Clan and related to the other 52 clans of Baganda. And on my own behalf as a person who has relatives, friends and fellow Ugandans originating from the Great Acholi land….

I wish to inform you that I was so offended…. When you demonized us Baganda as an ethnic-group ( People blood relatives only) which is not true but you strategically used it in your unfortunate attempt to indicate that we are worthless as culture and primitively associate with only our blood relatives and we deserve despise by sane societies, in your veiled violence and incitement infested statement!

That at first after listening to you, I felt so betrayed by the Kabaka and my Kingdom…. You alleged that my Kabaka was a silent accomplice and hiding -beneficiary of misrule and segregation of Ugandans and a great abuser of power by flying a private jet belonging the President at the full cost to the taxpayer…..with a veiled accusation that the Kabaka of Buganda used taxpayer’s money for medical tourism to Germany yet he could travel more cheaply on a public plane only to be clarified that your allegation were false and malicious.

You further alleged that this happened with the full knowledge of the baganda who for sectarian reasons fight and persecute the more deserving- dying- patient ; Speaker Jacob Oulunyah only because he was an Acholi!

I wish to further inform you that I’m hurting that even when proof was released by the Kattikiro of Buganda to the contrary, you adamantly refused to come out and recall the falsehoods and that its also very likely that Ugandans who heard you especially the Acholi whom you have capacity to address in a language I don’t understand, continue to believe the falsehoods you told them.

I wish to let you know that I and many other Baganda dread the day we shall stand before you as a judge or any other judicial Officer under your command… I don’t believe that you can ever give me justice because you hate me as a Muganda and we are twelve million of such Ugandans.

As a Member of Parliament who represent all Ugandans more so because of the metropolitan nature of my constituency, Mukono Municipality and as head a very important committee of Assurances and implementation in the Parliament of Uganda………..I would have been required to travel and be part of the mourning and burial of my Speaker a person I have worked with for a full decade…..

I would go to Omoro to stand with the family of the late Speaker, with a constituency that lost a member of Parliament, with a sub-region that lost one of its best, with Ugandans who lost a newly elected Speaker……But I’m now reluctant to travel to that area for fear of the tribal time bomb you planted…. your speech and other actions must have incited the people of Acholi against us and you’re part of the people who instigated the MPs from that area to banish Baganda and Members of the National Unity Platform (NUP) from their Constitutional right of visiting or even come to stay in Acholi Sub-region of Uganda.

The flamers of our constitution made the day of the Speaker’s burial a National public holiday rightly thinking that the Speaker is a National leader who is a responsible for all Ugandans.. And that these Ugandans be excused from work to be able to be part of the Speaker’s send off functions….. but I and the entire Baganda and all NUP membership ironically including some Acholi stand banished from Acholi land with a Notice fully endorsed and stamped by the Chief Justice of Uganda!

I hope you now know that the proper thing to is to carry your cross and save Uganda from embarrassment of retaining a person who has stripped himself of the honour and holiness of the Office of the Chief Justice….A self demonstrated biased – individual , a man who is emotionally -Bankrupt…

Imagine if you’re devastated by a death of a friend after a long sickness, what can you be if you were to lose a wife suddenly? God forbid. Your Lordship you took and advertised a “selfie- photo” of a tribalistic- liar and regrettably this has substituted the Official photograph of the the head of the judicial arm of government.

Today your “selfie” is hanging in all offices in the Country and prominently hanging in the Supreme Court where you happen to be the Chairperson of the Ugandan final and supreme Court …..

Kindly handover our temple of Justice… you very well know that the judiciary is supposed to maintain a safe place for all manner of Ugandans….a fair and neutral point of our Nation which is above all manner of faith, tribe, status and belief .After handing in your resignation I advise you to go back to Politics as you did some years ago to stand for elections on the Nrm -ticket.

Your Lordship a few people know that you were a full time- practicing partisan- Politician who for various reasons repeatedly lost elections BUT because of your blind support for the sole – Chairman of NRM, you were appointed a Minister in his Government and you served for a number of years….until you disguised your partisanship to land a big position in the legal World.

I recall that you were fast- tracked to become a Chief justice….I know that if you are to leave pur CJ job, your Party Chairman will appoint you a Minister again as he did in the 1990s.

For God and my country
The Writer is The MP for Mukono Municipality
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