President Museveni while addressing the legislators at Kololo independence grounds yesterday urged all members of parliament whether in opposition, NRM or the army to work for the people instead of meandering in other things.

it should be noted that during the Covid-19 cash which members of parliament had shared and were forced to return, president Museveni indicated that parliament is another problem for Ugandans because legislators are always minding only on themselves with fat salaries and how to share cash than working for their electorates. He said the same while addressing NRM legislators back in August 2018.

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A visibly tough Museveni then also hinted on a possibility that he can run his government without a functional parliament and he would dissolve it since it’s not delivering what he expected them to do causing mixed reactions.

“Between 1971 and 1979, there was no parliament .don’t think that you are in heaven, do what took you there. You should know where the power of parliament comes from….in fact, i can do away with that parliament,” Museveni is quoted to have said

Yesterday while presiding over the election of a new speaker at Kololo, Museveni re-echoed his call to the members of parliament to work for their people regardless of their political inclination whether in opposition, the Army or in the ruling NRM.

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