Hudu Hussein

Today president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced reshuffles among his Residential District Commissioners as well as Residential City Commissioners along side their Deputies. The list released made news but what made huge headlines is Hudu Hussein who has been the RCC for Kampala.

Just like they did when former Kampala Capital City Authority ED Jenifer Musisi was exiting KCCA, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and many netizens are cerebrating RCC Hudu Husseins transfer from the sweet Kampala city to the remote district of Yumbe.

The man from Bungokho had all the powers trimmed off him when the list came when he’s been transferred with immediate effect from the city where he has been speaking with authority and energy to Yumbe where he’s voice will rarely feature on prime news.

Huudu who was transferred from Kawempe as Deputy RCC assumed much powers and has implemented many of government’s desires in the city especially sweeping the vendors off the Kampala streets using clandestine methods

However, going by what netizens are writing it seems his controversial ultimatum issued to street preachers to vacate the Kampala roads might have caused him trouble though he later came out and denied issuing such orders to the street preachers.

Huudu Hussein was replaced by a little known Aminah Nanziri Lukanga who will now take on the mantle to manage the city as RCC, it’s very hard to implement government interests without hurting or confronting Kampala dwellers who are always supported by their voal Lord Councilors, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago alongside other leaders like Members of parliament.

In this article article we bring some of the reactions as netizens celebrated Hudu Husseins transfer to Yumbe District.

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