Minister Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune

State minister for microfinance Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune has revealed that in the near future, Ugandans who are poor will have to be forced to explain why they’ve remained poor yet Museveni’s government has injected billions in uplifting their financial status.

According to Kasolo, who heads the EMYOGA project country wide which gives out payable loans to organized group of people especially youths in SACCOs says it’s disturbing that some Ugandans remain poor despite several government interventions to curb poverty among it’s citizens.

Many government programs have been started in a struggle to empower Ugandans to be financially stable but many of these haven’t impacted much in people’s interventions, notably of these is the Entandikwa, Bona bagagawale, Zoning, four acre, Youth Livelihood, Women Fund, Operation wealth creation, Emyooga and the recently launched Parish Development Model.

“Getting rich in Uganda is no longer a choice, but compulsory. In the near future, a Ugandan shall have to explain for wallowing in poverty just Ugandans had to explain for not immunizing their children. We tried and it worked out and now is compulsory. You must explain why you’re poor when government has injected billions of money through different interventions”- says Minister Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune

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Source: Monitor

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