Dr Chris Baryomunsi

The Minister of ICT Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has apologized to the nation over a simple typing error that was seen on his communication last week while updating the country on critical cabinet decisions.

The error that has prompted the minister’s was on the date which had 14th March 3033 instead of 2022, but the message remained the same and according to him it was widely disseminated because of that error which is always his wish.

The communique in question had decisions and directives from government which included setting up industrial hubs in every geographical region of Uganda and furnish them with all the needed amenities like water and sewerage, electricity, internet, roads among others. It also directed that government will not create more administration in this term until the year 2025-2026. It further directed that ministry of education takes a a survey to ascertain whether Ugandan parents are able to pay fees for their children in UPE and USE schools.

The minister also hit back at Dr.Kiiza Besigye for being idle and dwelling on a simple typing error instead of criticizing the decisions taken by government.

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