Uganda’s Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers, Prime Minister and the Parliament of Uganda. Do they value the sittings of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus more than they value the sittings of the Parliament of Uganda?

I am asking because many Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers and even the Prime Minister hardly participate in the processes of the Parliament of Uganda, yet the taxpayer spends billions of shillings on them collectively.

Does value for money matter? Do the public problems and issues matter? If they matter, and we have too many of these honorable who have no time for Parliamentary processes, why do we continue to have too many of them earning for no work done to enhance the effectiveness of the Parliament of Uganda?

Aren’t they cheating Uganda and Ugandans? Is cheating corruption? If there is grabbing of land, isn’t this the same as government workers earning without working? Land does not belong to the land grabbers. The money government workers earn without working belongs to the people of Uganda.

Something is grossly wrong with Uganda and we are not addressing it. But who will put it right, if the people the President of Uganda chose to help him govern Uganda and ensure services flow to the people avoid participating in the Parliamentary processes? What should the President do? What should Ugandans do?

One time The Monitor, in 1997, asked President Museveni, then Yoweri Museveni, what kind of Uganda he envisaged beyond him? He said Uganda would be ungovernable. Don’t you see he was right? More and more people are accepting that you can earn without working, and even get everything to want with no one asking you for accountability. This is what we are teaching the young generation: Prepare to be a parasite on the Host, Uganda.

And now Parliament is plotting to increase salaries of Members of Parliament , who include Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers and the Prime Minister that are working below standard and not to the satisfaction of Ugandans. I have also read somewhere that a proposal has been made to increase the salaries of government workers severally and several fold.

But where will the money come from? Loans? We seem to be producing nothing we can say it is our main product. Who is planning for the country? Are they planning to have people to earn more buy taxing Ugandans more? We need to rethink our situation, and critically. Otherwise we shall be the purveyors of the 21st Century.

For God and My Country.

The Writer Is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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