Museveni Being Vaccinated- FILE PHOTO

The fallacy in the COVID vaccine was in the lie that it was free of coercion while people were pushed to get the vaccine or get sacked or be denied access to public places. Under duress some people gave in.

In Uganda we have heard the Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng edging towards compulsory vaccination. In Western Uganda Kabarole, Kyegegwa and Kasese Districts people were pushed to get vaccinated on road check points, football matches and even at churches. Perfect way laying.

The Member of Parliament Rukungiri Municipality Elias Rutahigwa’s argument in the august house for all children to be vaccinated regardless of their parents’ consent ought to be looked into deeply or we risk increasing the risk for children with underlying conditions.

Besides given the trial basis of the vaccine which science has proved also causes clotting and heart problems in some people; perhaps parents decision is required. The Member of Parliament’s argument delves on unvaccinated children infecting vaccinated children yet it’s is evident that vaccinated people also infect others and can still acquire COVID.

While Ugandans are battling an economic strangle and most are moving without masks with God protecting them perhaps. The Uganda Parliament and Leadership is at it again making decisions that affect everyone without putting into consideration how people feel about such decisions. The aching question remains too, why does Uganda leadership not do thorough research before preying on Ugandan citizens.

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