The Famous Nakayima Tree- COURTSEY PHOTO

Before missionaries  brought here Religion more so Christianity in the late 1880s, Africans believed so much in spirits based on different clans and tribes. Here in Buganda and Busoga spirits named Lubaale, Mukama, Mukasa, Kayizzi among others do reign over several clans.

Families and clans would guard these spirits jealously because they would solve family issues that needed spiritual intervention, those who wished blessings would go kneel in shrines, before trees, stones, on hills and mountains among others but with the advancement in technology and the spread of Christianity, such beliefs in African spirits are dwindling day by day.

Witch doctors and herbalists who cherish these spirits do exist almost everywhere and people visit them secretly to solve their problems. Famous of these is Mama Fina who is said to be the president of all herbalists in Uganda though even Senga Kulanama also claims the same seat. The other one is High priest Jajja Jumba Lubowa Aligawesa who heads the Tondism faith in Uganda.

As we write this, they’re weird spirits along the Mpigi- Kampala expressway which are demanding UGshs500m from government such that they can vacate a tree to give way for the construction of the road.

This has been revealed by the minister of works Gen Katumba Wamala in parliament who was responding to queries that his ministry just grabs people’s land for government projects.

The works Minister reveals that they pay every one found in the way for the construction of a road. He sighted a certain clan just along the planned space for the construction of the Mpigi- Kampala express way who say all their spirits are in a certain tree which is supposed to be cut to pave way.

“We don’t take land without compensation an example is a tree along Mpigi-Kla Expressway where 1 clan says all their spirits are in that 1 tree. They are asking for 500M for & we cant move. They have been offered 150M and they say it cant appease the spirits”-Says Minister Katumba

Government has given them Shs150m as compensation for that single tree but they insist it should be 500m because 150m can’t appease the spirits. This has left many wondering how these spirits can demand such a huge amount of cash when they can’t even go do shopping.

This is not the first time people who own spirits are demanding huge cash from government to pave way for development projects. In 2007 prior to the construction of the Bujagala hydro power dam, government faced resistance from communities when it suggested relocation of the strong and famous spirit of Bujagali.

What’s your say on this? Would government just cut the tree to pave way for the construction of the road by force?

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