Minister Gen Katumba Wamala

Last year on 01st June 2021 the Minister of Works and Transport General Edward Katumba Wamala survived death by a whisker when armed men showered bullets on his car as he was driving in Kisassi a Kampala suburb.

The shooting left his driver and daughter Brenda dead with Minister Katumba nursing grave wounds. As usual when reacting to the incident, President Museveni said they had clues called the assailants pigs but would later reveal government had had hatched a plan of installing tracking monitors on all motor vehicles and motor cycles in the country.

Upon being ordered by the president who is also the Commander In Chief of the armed bodies, security minister Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi hurriedly signed a contract with a Russian firm named Joint Stock Global Security which was handed the deal to install monitors and tracking devices on all motor vehicles and motor cycles in the country.

Minister Jim Muhwezi After Signing The Deal With The Russian Firm

This however drew mixed reaction till date and government was dragged to court over the same and none of the cases filled on that matter has been disposed off and Ugandans are still green on why, when, what, which and how their vehicles will be tracked for security purposes.

While appearing before the committee of parliament on Defense, Gen Katumba Wamala minister of works humbly requested the Members of parliament not disclose details of the vehicle tracking deal signed between Museveni’s government and the Russian firm claiming the signed a non disclosure agreement.

Reacting on the matter, several Ugandans are not happy with Minister Katumba Wamala for hiding such crucial information from the public who are going to pay the Russian firm huge sums of money to have trackers and monitors installed on their vehicles at their own cost.

Nonsense. How can they be confidential yet you want these trackers to be mandatorily installed at our cost? What is your cut in this Russia-Uganda mafia deal?- Robert Mawanda

It’s courts of law to determine if they’re liable for disclosure or not. I am aware there’s a pending application so let’s wait for the hearing and final ruling.- UG Lawyer

If the documents are before parliament, then clearly there is no disclosure agreement (or its not that serious). Someone is lying.- @StanMukama

Where is transparency. What are you hiding-@Kakooza_Zinc

Pliz @GenWamala, if the agreements were signed for Uganda and the Ugandan public ,why can’t they be disclosed to the citizens, are you afraid that the rest of the world will isolate Uganda and M7 for siding with fellow despot Putin’s Russia in the ongoing war in- @Sammex90

Why and how , was that agreement signed on behalf of all the people of Uganda,? If yes are Ugandans don’t have a right to information or are they not stakeholders in their own country?-@VaniMuwanga

So is tabling it before a committee of parliament not disclosure or was the disclosure specifically referring to social media?-@JSentongo