Museveni’s deputy press secretary has blasted Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform for being dictatorial and misguided after the latter subjecting their Wakiso district councilors to disciplinary after they met president Museveni in Garuga last week.

Last week 77 NUP leaning councilors along side other 7 from Democratic party, 13 from NRM and 1 independent met President Museveni from Wakiso district after a five long week’s training in patriotism and leadership.

During the meeting President Museveni cautioned the councilors to put people’s problems ahead of anything while executing their leadership roles to the people of Wakiso district. He further implored them to engage in result-oriented leadership, specifically supporting or introducing programs that will bring people out of poverty.

After the meeting it has been revealed that whoever met up with Museveni committed a crime that subjects them to disciplinary action by their party National Unity platform. This rubbed Kirunda Faruku the wrong way who even suggests all the NUP members of parliament should also resign since they can’t avoid getting closer to government or Museveni him as president whom Bobi Wine and group accuse of stealing their votes.