The current Price of washing soap is ranges from 7000 Uganda shillings to 8000 Uganda shillings. A hefty sum Kitumbi Caritas Farmer’s Association with sponsorship from Caritas Uganda and support from the Uganda Industrial Research Institute hope to benefit from as it explores making soap commercially.

Having undertaken training in Soap production with technical Support from the Uganda Industrial Research Institute in 2021, Kitumbi Caritas Farmer’s Association, has since progressed to producing its own soap.

Kitumbi Caritas Farmers Association members receive the soap making equipment made at UIRI

What was missing was the equipment, which Caritas Uganda obtained  on March 3, 2022, by engaging the Wood Engineering Department at the Institute. The Department which is renown for making such innovations as weaving looms, silk reeling machines and spinning wheels among other, with support from Caritas Uganda made 5 soap molds and 1 industrial bar soap slicer which were donated to Kitumbi Caritas Farmers Association.

The Soap cutter given to the group, has a capacity to produce 40 bars of soap per slice. This Project will enable the people of Kitumbi Parish to reduce their household expenditures and increase their incomes given the current escalating Soap prices.

The Equipment was received and blessed by the Kitumbi Parish Priest, Rev. Father Jude Kasaija Ateenyi who hailed UIRI for the continuous Skilling support offered to the community. He stated that the new equipment made by UIRI will maximize production capacity and ensure good quality production of Soap. Rev. Father Jude Kasaija Ateenyi encouraged members not to spend unnecessarily on items they can make themselves using the skills acquired.