Ecological Relationships are Destroyed and Distorted by Human Technoarrogance and Stupidity.

By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

The human brain is a complex organ structurally and functionally. Besides, it is multidimensional, with a multiplicity of dimensions aimed at maximizing human existence and survival individually, and in terms of population, community, environment, ecosystem and biosphere.

One of the dimensions is the ecological dimension, through which we are able relate with ourselves (Autecology) and with other beings and the total environment (Synecology). It describes the relationship between people and the natural elements of our environment and the impacts they have upon one another.

Technoarrogance and false policies, laws and strategies of development, and interaction between us and our environment and ecosystems over time, have destroyed our relationship with the environment and the ecosystems of which our different relations and environments are found.

Interestingly, the destruction is continuing as if we are not aware of what is happening. We stupidly go on destroying ourselves, other beings, our environments, our ecosystems and the biosphere, thereby compromising our very existence and survival. We think and believe that we are wiser than God who created Nature the way he did.

Our technoarrogance, a consequence of science and technology, has driven us to introduce man-made pollutants into our environment and ecosystems – some physical, some chemical and some biological. The physical ones include genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and plastics.

The chemical ones include radioactive materials or waste, industrial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. And biological ones include bacterial, fungal and viral elements. Even greenhouse gases are also introduced, and react with other gases to make chemical substances that are dangerous to life.

They all end up reducing the quality, integrity and vitality of our populations, communities, environments, ecosystems and even the biosphere. Unfortunately this is what is called development; development as destruction.

Stupidity comes in when we know what is right but choose to do the wrong thing. For example, we know that natural forests play multiple roles in the existence and survival of humanity and other beings, but stupidly we replace them with grass – sugarcane and oil palm – or plantations of hot desert trees and cold desert trees.

The hot desert trees are of Eucalyptus and cold desert trees are of Cypress. Who does not know that natural forests attract rain; act as sinks for the greenhouse gas, Carbondioxide, which is responsible for much climate change; act as wind breaks; provide natural homes for wildlife (animals and plants) and are sources of plants that we domesticate as food crops, cash crops and medicinal plants.

Yes, ecological relationship are being destroyed and distorted by human technoarrogance and stupidity.

Both technoarrogance and stupidity are currently at work in Europe where Russia is destroying human life, natural ecosystems and the built urban ecosystem in Ukraine to impose its imperialism on that country rich in natural resources, which she wants for her economy.

Unfortunately, those who accentuate technoarrogance and stupidity by applying them in war, always think that they are more powerful and wiser than God. They never stop to think and ask themselves why God created environments and ecosystems the way he did, and decreed that particular peoples of particular cultural, social and ecological orientations occupied them as indigenous peoples.

They will be remembered more for the trails of blood, destruction and distortions they leave behind. Often they call the distortions development. But they build and then destroy; destroy and then build. That is cyclic technoarrogance and stupidity. It is retrogression.

For God and my Country.

The Writer Is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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