Mao, Amama Mbabazi And Dr Besigye in 2016 During The Sweet Days of The Democratic Alliance (TDA)- FILE PHOTO

In his outbursts towards the National Unity Platform and it’s leaders more so Bobi Wine, Norbert Mao has now swallowed Dr Kiiza Besigye into his rants. The DP president has been on a serious twitter war was Kamwokya based political party which he says it’s a kiwani party and a Museveni project.

However, in a quite shocking revelation during one of the Trending Twitter spaces with US based Ugandan journalist Bahati Remmy, Mao revealed Kiiza Besigye has hypocritically held secret talks with president Museveni yet in public he spits venom on his government he code named the junta. Mao and Besigye have been having and on and off political friendship of the years.

“That’s why am calling out some party leaders for their hypocrisy, they’re engaged in secret talks with the ruling NRM, they receive Emissaries’ from the ruling NRM but they want to pretend and that’s what they call petty radicalism”- Says Mao.

When told to name those opposition leaders who hold secret talks with Museveni during night and then in the day they rant with fire, he pointed out four time presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye who was secretly talking to Museveni at the time his party was spitting venom that they can’t sit with the junta.

“You know very well that Col Kiiza Besigye was in secret talks with President Yoweri Museveni your a journalist am sure you know that, it was in the news papers and confirmed by Andrew Mwenda and Conrad Nkuutu am telling you that”-Says Mao.

Mao says you can meet with the leader of the ruling party in open but not in secrets like what some other opposition leaders do. He further says Bobi Wine’s NUP should be de-registered by the Electoral Commission because it has a fake constitution.

Norbert Mao Speaking to Museveni- FILE PHOTO

These Mao episodes are just coming in seasons and we are sure more revelations will soon come in and we shall bring to you our esteemed reader. Just keep it here.