Political group dubbed Transformer Cadres Association of Uganda which is seem to be linked to president Museveni has geared up plans to change the constitution and have only Members of Parliament and District councilors vote for president.

In a letter seen by this website, the group has written to the Electoral Commission informing them that they’re set to start collecting signatures to endorse their move and also seeking clarification from Electoral Commission on the exact number of signatures needed to endorse their move which seeks to disempower their right to vote for the president.

The plan to have only legislators vote for president was reportedly leaked by the Deputy Attorney General Jackson Kafuuzi as reported by CBS radio but he later denied that the allegations were not true.

There have also been mixed reactions from the NRM including the Secretary General Richard Todwong who says the move is not in good faith for Ugandans though several other NRM members support it. Members of the opposition rejected the proposal even before it was tabled.

Seems the move is no longer a secret as the Transformer Cadres have openly written to the electoral commission seeking guidance. They further propose an introduction of a second layer of the parliament called the Upper House or the senate as it in the neighboring Kenya.

“Early this year we suggested to the country a change of the current political system from the current system to a parliamentary political system. Where the president of Uganda will be voted by both members of parliament and district councils.” Reads pard of the letter.

The group further suggests to return Term limits which were scrapped off by Museveni’s government in 2006.

“As provided under section 11of The Referendum and other Provision Act 2005 and section 4 of the Other Political System Act of 2000, we hereby write to inform you that we shall be undertaking a collection of signatures activities as a fulfillment of the requirements for a petition to cause a referendum a nation level” reads the letter to the Byamukama’s Electoral Commission.

Whatever this group is planning, we are sure it will be a big show down. We will update you as events unfold in this new plan.

Letter By Transformer Cadres to Electoral Commission