Male Hassan Mabirizi

News making headlines this afternoon indicate that flamboyant lawyer Male Mabirizi has been arrested by police and detained at Jinja Road police station.

Mabirizi has been on the run since Judge Musa Sekaana handed him a jail sentence of 18 months to Kitalya prison for contempt of court. Sekaana immediately issued an arrest warrant into execution and ordered police to search all corners of Uganda to bring Mabirizi to book.

The perennial litigant has been spitting venom from his hide outs and upon his arrest, he was pursuing to implicate the judge who sentenced him over illicit wealth after writing to the Inspectorate of Government.

According to the Deputy police Spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan Luke Owoyesigire, Mabirizi was arrested from Kyambogo main gate besides claiming in his recent facebook posts that avoiding and hiding from arrest was his constitutional right.

Mabirizi appealed the sentence and it’s pending hearing.