President Museveni And His Wife Janet

Joseph Kony is a known name locally in Uganda particularly northern Uganda, in the jungles of Congo, Central African Republic and also in Sudan where he’s been hiding for years.

Even recently the United States through its war crimes reward program offered a bounty of almost Shs17 billion for his arrest to face charges stemming from Crimes against humanity to Recruiting Child solders.

“You can help bring him to justice and get paid up to $5 million (about Shs17 billion”- Said the US last week.

The self proclaimed warlord established a terror/rebel group named it the Lord’s Resistance Movement has been wanted for over two decades and continues to elude justice as he is believed to be hiding in the jungles of Central African Republic. His rebel outfit is said to have butchered over 100,000 people and abduction of over 60,000 children.

However, in a quite shocking revelation, Museveni’s son and Commander land forces has revealed that his father and Commander In Chief of the armed Forces nearly appointed his wife Janet Kataha Museveni to head the operations against Kony in Northern Uganda after seeing the forces were not doing enough to eliminate the rebel outfit.