L-R: Kamara, Nsereko And Ssemakade- PHOTO NSUBUGA MOSES

While you were asleep, lawyer Isaack Ssemakadde was destroying Kampala central MP Muhammad Nsereko on live Tv during the weekly show dubbed ON THE SPOT hosted by Patrick Kamala.

The show started well as Nsereko examined the need to have a new law to which he has taken leave to introduce a private member’s bill amending the Computer misuse act which he says once passed, it will curtail cyber harassment especially in this digital era of social media.

The bill also proposes hefty fines, lengthy jail terms, a ban from holding public office and loss of office for convicted offenders. Clause 2 of the Nsereko bill also seeks to punish individuals who “without authorizations, accesses, intercepts another person’s data or information, voice or record another person” with a fine of Shs15 million or up to 10 years in jail or both imprisonment and fine.

Sending and sharing data about children without authorization of their parents or guardians on a computer and by extension social media, will become an offence punishable by seven years jail term, Shs15 million in fines or both, should clause 3 of the bill be enacted into law.

However, you may think the two guests Nsereko and lawyer Ssemakadde who are both lawyers had some personal unresolved issues if you go by the way they were hitting hard at each other with Nsereko saying his co-host has some mental sort that needed attention.

 The show was prematurely ended when Ssemakadde in reply to Nsereko’s submissions referred to him as a conman, a stupid person. He went ahead and described Nsereko as a dimwit after Nsereko said he will make sure parliament passes this bill by hook or by crook.

“….Want our right to call you a fool and a dimwit, a stupid man who doesn’t deserve our vote, that’s our constitutional right, you don’t have the right to say: I will now use parliamentary space and get MPs and tell them that did you see what happened……” said Ssemakadde as he tore Nsereko into pieces.

Nsereko pleaded with the host to prevail on the other guest who was destroying him but such pleading fell on deaf ears as the dreaded lawyer continued throwing jibes at the legislator and boom, the show ended prematurely.