Joel Ssenyonyi And Norbert Mao

Opposition party National Unity Platform has hit back at DP president Norbert Mao and a section of Acholi parliamentary group over Oulanya’s health.

Members of Parliament from Gulu in a press conference blamed NUP and even called for apologies for their supporters who held a protest at a hospital in Seattle where Oulanyah is currently admitted.

The MPs even threatened to repay the Shs1.7 billion which was used to airlift Oulanyah in a chartered Ugandan airlines Airbus that has caused debate. On his part, DP president Norbert Mao called the protesters night dancers calling for a cease fire from NUP and politics will resume when the speaker heals.

Mao who was also airlifted in 2015 to Nairobi in 2015 for medical attention says NUP leaders preach water and take wine and reminded their supporters that even their top bosses have been beneficiaries of parliamentary cash when they were airlifted to foreign countries for medical attention. He mentioned Bobi Wine who was rushed to the US in 2018, he also mentioned how Mityana municipality MP has been treated by parliament on several occasions in the US.

Now seems the war of words is taking another twist as NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi has hit back at the Acholi leaders for tribalizing Oulanyah’s issue. He has challenged them to agitate for better health care in hospitals including their own Gulu regional referral which is struggling with patients due to power blackouts.

“Also, we’ve not seen these leaders speak out on the need to improve their regional referral, Gulu hospital. What’s imperative in all this is we need to improve healthcare in our country for the sake of all Ugandans. That said, we wish Rt Hon Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah a quick recovery.”- Reads part of Ssenyonyi’s tweet

Ssenyonyi says a senior long serving pediatrician at Gulu Rereferral hospital Dr Milly  Arach was admitted at the same hospital only to pass on in ICU due to shortage of oxygen due to power blackouts which the Acholi leaders should be talking about now other than trivializing Oulanyah’s issue.

“Gulu hospital is the regional referral for Acholi sub-region. Last year, the hospital’s long-serving senior pediatrician, Dr Milly Grace Arach was admitted at the hospital’s ICU& died due to shortage of oxygen bse of power blackouts. This is what happens when we ignore our healthcare”- Tweeted Ssenyonyi.