By Guest Writer
Buying land is an honor for an individual who sets out to get an address or improve their livelihood and there a number of property agencies featuring attractive possibilities one can quickly indulge in. But what happens when you buy and your promised the land title for 10 years.

In March 2012, with a glowing inspiration of setting up something for our unborn baby. I set out to buy a plot from Jomayi Property Consultants on Maria Mulumba Road Old Kampala.  After all it was one of the biggest names in real estate business and that gave it credence as potentially authentic.

The purchase was made in Katende and transfer fees paid to Jomayi. The tone to attract the purchase was loving and it being Jomayi – I knew I was in the right hands.

After the payments were made instead of a land title, the promises began. I was heavy with child but had to keep moving to check if the title was ready. But I was told come back next month, which I did faithfully for the first two years. This dwindled to twice a year for the next four years. Then I gave up till 2021 when I sued.

During my title hungry visits I realized it was not just me. But a number of customers had been treated the same way. And yes we grumbled a lot which is why later by 2016 the land title issuing office had been transferred far from the reception where new clients would easily over hear the whinnying.

On October 28, 2021 I got my big break when under Kalikumutima &Co. Advocates I won the case against Jomayi at the Chief Magistrates Court of Mpigi. The Judge His Worship Adams Byarugaba gave a court order for Jomayi to hand over the land title and pay damages. It’s 2022 and the land title plus damages are yet to be handed over despite mitigative attempts by the Kalikumutima & Co. Advocates.

Clearly some companies in Uganda do not respect their customers nor the law and will dupe people into trusting them only to create a rotten impression that cannot easily be erased. Caution would go to anyone buying land or purchase something of value. First get the ownership documents on the table before paying.

Otherwise you may spend 10 years waiting to get the legal documents. If your unfortunate, it could be sold to another or used as collateral, while you are waiting.