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Brigadier General Felix Kulayigye once remarked ” are they frogs” marveling at people who built in wetlands. It could be a joke if the immensity of the situation was totally out of control.

Ever heard of a thief robbing while the watchers were hired and supposed to be on duty. The National Environment Management Authority is alive and staffed yet the wetlands and environment does not feel the reach of its authority.

Swamp Burning along Masaka Road

The Uganda National Environmental Act 2019 states that the Government or a local government shall hold in trust for the people and protect wetlands for the common good of the citizens of Uganda. and that the Government or a local government shall not lease out or otherwise alienate any wetland.

Despite having this law, Lwera and the Katonga River wetlands are gone with reports suggesting that the Chinese extracting Sand have valid land titles. Lubigi on the Northern bypass, which is close to the authority is degraded and fast becoming a slum. In Munyonyo and Kigo the Lake and wetlands have become residences of the prominent.

Common sights of wetlands burning at night, eucalyptus growing and so called trucks settling in locations while bringing in soils to fill, are common. These are also joined by flower and tree seedling vendors plus places of worship.

The law and the existing instruments including an authority are dormant but available.

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