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Article 27 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, 1995 introduces the right to privacy, stating that no person shall be subjected to interference with the privacy of that person’s home, correspondences, communication or other property.

Security Minister Jim Muhwezi During The Signing Of a Deal With a Russian Company To Install Digital Monitors- FILE PHOTO

After the fateful day of 01st June 2021 when gun wielding men rained bullets over Works Minister Gen Katumba Wamala killing his daughter and driver while leaving him nursing grave injuries, President Museveni in his reaction to the incident revealed he had a plan to install digital monitors on every Boda boda and motor vehicle such that his government knows where and when every motorist is.

However, President Museveni’s move to introduce digital Monitors for all vehicles and boda bodas is good when tightening the noose on criminal activity. However, it also contravenes the right to privacy articulated by the constitution.

Besides this the rate of crime alluding to the security forces themselves in Uganda and the rampant corruption, creates discomfort when every Ugandan with a vehicle and boda boda has to be monitored.

The American Embassy in Uganda describes policing capacity in the following way. “Many criminal investigations in Uganda never result in the arrest of a suspect.  Ugandan police generally have limited resources to carry out complex investigations, and limited capabilities in areas such as preservation of crime scene evidence and utilization of DNA to assist in prosecutions. ”

Having digital Monitors is a hypothesis yet to be tested or distasted in Uganda, where both security and privacy are needed.

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