Troubled novelist and writer Kakwenza Rukirabasija is in tears after his tweeter account was deleted probably to curb his scathing comments against the first family.

Kakwenza was arrested on 28th December after an exchange with the crusaders of the Muhoozi Project who say he’s the right choice to succeed his father on the throne of presidency come 2026.

His lawyers obtained a release order from the Makindye Magistrates Court on 4th January 2022 after saying their client had been badly tortured.

However, the court order by Grade one magistrate Irene Nambatya was rendered useless as those holding the novelist remained silent and didn’t release him as his lawyers proceeded go the Kampala High court to obtain a habeas corpus.

High court Judge Musa Sekaana issued an ultimatum on 10th January to have Kakwenza arraigned in court dead or alive which those holding him listened to and brought him to court limping the following day without knowledge of his lawyers.

Buganda road court chief magistrate Douglas Singiza slapped Kakwenza with two charges of offensive Communication which disturbed the peace of President Museveni and his son also Commander land forces Muhoozi Keinerugaba and remanded him to Kitalya until 21st January 2022.

While in Kitalya, Kakwenza revealed that Commandos from the Special Forces Command (SFC) seriously tortured him including pinching his flesh from his body.

As if that is not enough, Kakwenza’s tweeter account @KakwenzaRukira which he used to criticize and disturb the peace of Museveni’s son has been deleted by unknown people to add on his misery.

This is not the first time, the novelist is being arrested and tortured, it’s the third time and the previous one was in March 2020 after publishing a novel titled “The Greedy Barbarian”. The Novel landed him in trouble and was accused of directing it Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni