Towards the end of 2021, House of prayer lead pastor was at the receiving end for marrying a second wife while still legally married to his first wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo. The Canan land boss reached to an extend of denying that he was introduced by the love of his life Suzan Makula.

Word was on street that while responding to police summons on 22nd December 2021, Pastor Bugingo denied that he was never introduced by Suzan Makula as alleged, what happened was that he just accepted an invitation to Makula’s home but not to attend an introduction ceremony.

suzan makula introduces pastor bujingo

His unsettledness comes at the height of criminal summons issued against him and risks 5 years in jail according to city lawyer Male Mabirizi who dragged him to court immediately after the flashy introduction ceremony that attracted big names on 17th November 2021.

Bugingo and Makula are set to appear in court on 21st January 2022 for mention of their case, Bugingo’s allies like Ex- Lubaga South legislator Kato Lubwama who attended the function have since changed tone claiming what they attended was not an introduction ceremony in defense of their colleague who seem to be having troubles.

Bugingo is also battling to divorce his old wife Teddy Naluswa so that he legally settles in with his Salt TV employee Suzan Makula but it seems to be also another hustle since the first wife has vowed never to sign the divorce papers claiming she’s still Bugingo’s official wife even in front of God.

Watch the space and we shall update you on how events unfold at Canan land.