A Doctor attends to a Covid-19 Patient- FILE PHOTO

By Soar

COVID 19 proved something all Ugandans silently knew was painfully real that medicine in Uganda had become a business and not a life saving scheme. Todate hospitals have transformed into financial tyranny bulldozing the patients to an early death and deeper depression. Little wonder that Ugandans are so enthusiastic about self medication rather than risk engaging the expensive yet careless medical centers.

Imagine getting into a hospital and your told by the consulting Doctor ” we want to discuss with the one who have 10 million and above.” This just went down at Nakasero Hospital.

In 2014 IHK at about 3am would not give an emergency case the due attention until the bill was paid.

When Businessman Tom Kaaya died of COVID-19 and his body was held by TMR hospital in Naalya with a demand of 450million Uganda shillings. This was a spill of the rot in the medical practice in Uganda.

Section 8 of the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council Code 2013, provides that a practitioner shall not deny emergency treatment or health care to a patient.

This prescription is thrown out on count of the capitalistic hand operating in the health industry in Uganda.

In 2019 a picture of a man in a wheel chair with cannulas at equity bank purportedly for his treatment, angered people.

Today we have more cases going to hospitals and the first point of discussion is how much rather than what can be done to save a life.

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