BIG STORY: Bobi Wine Not Happy with Security Shooting Terror Suspects


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Fire brand politician and National Unity Platform (NUP) principle has shown his discontent with security groups in Uganda for continuously shooting terror suspects before trying them in the courts of law.

The musician cum politician joins other Ugandans in accusing security of continuously killing terror suspects before they could get useful information from them, his comments follow the shooting of Sheik Abas Muhammed Kilevu whom security accuse of recruiting for the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) a rebel outfit linked to the notorious Islamic State.

Sheik Abas Kilevu was shot yesterday early morning from his home in Nsangi at the outskirts of Uganda’s capital Kampala. Police also revealed that they killed four suspected ADF terrorists in Ntoroko district who were crossing back to the jungles of Congo.

Since the Twin bombings on Tuesday this week at Buganda Road near the entrance of the Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) and parliamentary avenue near Ministry of ICT, Justice and Constitutional affairs ministry, and Education ministry that injured left over 30 and killed 7, police say have so far arrested 21 suspects.

Bobi Wine says the constitution which guarantees the right to every suspect to due process no matter the gravity of their alleged offence, must be upheld at all costs and in all circumstances.

“Our constitution which guarantees the right of every suspect to due process, no matter the gravity of their alleged offence, must be upheld at all costs and in all circumstances. Shooting dead suspects in offences of this nature without subjecting them to the legal process simply creates suspicion in the eyes of ordinary citizens about the regime’s complicity in the crimes.

However, in defense for the shooting, Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga, says Sheik Abas was shot dead after when he confronted the team that was sent to arrest. He also revealed that many of the suspects are shot at because they either resist arrest or attack security personnel.

“In the way they have been radicalized they try to disarm officers. They are dangerous suspected and the operations are life threatening situations. These people are not ordinary suspects but highly trained and radicalized that on arrest, they try cannot accept to be taken but fight security”- said Enanga

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