Nile Perch

Ugandans have been left cursing after fish processors urged government to stop Ugandans from consuming Nile perch commonly known as ‘Empuuta’ a type of fish got from Uganda’s fresh waters of Lake Victoria, Kyoga among others

Fish processors and exports under their Umbrella of Uganda Fish Processors an Exporters Association proposed to parliament that in the new law, government should ban regional sale and consumption of Nile perch which has a high demand overseas.

This shocking move was made by the Chairperson of the Association Sujal Goswami who was leading fish processors and exporters who were appearing before the Agriculture Committee of parliament which is working a new law to regulate fishing activities in Uganda.

According to Sujal the nile perch earns traders a lot of money in exports and so it should be preserved only for European and Asian markets and Ugandans should be limited to the other fish types like Mud fish, cat fish, Tilapia, silver fish commonly known as Mukene among others but not Nile perch.

Nile perch is not only known for its diverse health benefits but also it has some expensive part the Fish mour commonly known as ‘Enuuni’ which is sold expensive too and this is the reason the traders want government to limit Ugandans to the other fish types but mouths off the Nile perch.

The proposal has since sparked debates on how the traders think Ugandans are not fit to consume every fish from their fresh waters. What’s your say on this…share your view in the comment section.