Last week four-time presidential candidate together with several other opposition politicians launched a political movement dubbed People’s Front for Transition (TPF) which is aimed at giving a red card to Museveni’s 36-year-old regime.

However, since it’s inception last wee many people especially those subscribed to Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform have ganged up against Besigye claiming his new movement is aimed at dwindling their party which currently commands the biggest number of opposition legislators in parliament.

While addressing journalists for the first time at JEEMA offices in Mengo yesterday, Besigye revealed that he called Bobi Wine to publicly apologize and tame his unruly supporters from throwing all forms of jibes and accusations against his newly formed movement but rather embrace it to end Museveni’s brutal rule.

Before the dust settles for the attacks against Besigye and the group, Bobi Wine’s right-hand man Waiswa Alex Mufumbiro has today in a talk show with Baba TV a local Television added salt to the wound when he claimed that National Unity Platform are the Champions of the struggle to remove Museveni and the rest and underdogs.

He was replying to a question when asked by the Moderator a one Kungu Adam that why NUP hasn’t yet joined Besigye’s People’s Front for Transition yet it’s bringing together several opposition outfits including Besigye’s now defunct People’s government.

“But I told you we [People Power] are in the champions league of removing a dictator, therefore there’s no way it would begin matters of a regular league”- noted Mufumbiro

Also asked about his expectations from the new formation, Mufumbiro claims the group can’t do much since it comprises of old guards whom he referred to as old wine in the bottle.

“Honestly speaking, the politicians in that coalition are old wine in the new bottle. The best the coalition has done is to bring them together because some could not see eye to eye’- noted Mufumbiro

He goes ahead to say that Dr Besigye-led pressure group can not overshadow NUP/People Power. Indicating that a football team in Serie B can not overshadow one in champions league and that in Bobi Wine, they have a generational leader comparing him to Cristiano Ronaldo who can’t be worried about Geoffrey Massa.

Mufumbiro’s direct attack to Besigye’s group come at a time when they’re a lot of unanswered questions why the National Unity Platform snubbed the launch and remains silent on the possibility of joining Besigye and the group in bringing an end to Museveni’s government.

We wait to see where this will end and of course keep it here as events unfold.

Video Credit: Baba Tv Uganda