For the past three days now, former Presidential Candidate and Forum for Democratic Change president Patrick Oboi Amuriat is at the receiving end with attacks from National Unity Platform supporters on twitter who are roasting him over a message he posted regarding the new formed political coalition led by four-time presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye.

In the tweet that Amuriat Made, he clearly indicates that leading opposition in parliament doesn’t have to lead any struggle against the dictator if they wish or have no capacity to do so. This clearly indicates he was referring to the National Unity platform which currently leads the opposition minority in parliament under the command of Nyendo-Mukugwe division legislator Mathias Mpuuga.


The FDC president goes ahead to say that Nelson Mandela led the struggle against the apartheid policy in South Africa from outside parliament for that case his party doesn’t need any one’s permission to struggle.

His comments come at the backdrop of what Dr Kiiza Besigye has referred to as attacks against the struggle where his newly formed People’s Front for Transition dubbed the red card Movement is under scrutiny of whether it will deliver the desired end to Museveni’s regime or the usual political games the country has seen over the years.

Bobi wine and his National Unity Platform where no show at the highly publicized launch that took place at JEEMA offices in Mengo, their silence on the same has seen NUP fanatics refer to the new opposition force as an arrangement aimed at pouring cold water on the Kamwokya based struggle to remove Museveni from his seat.

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