For those employed, nothing makes you uncomfortable when your boss isn’t your friend, when s/she hates you and dislikes you. You may not realize it but in this article, I explain some of the signs that can help you tell your boss hates and will never be your friend.

  1. The Death glare:

Hello, perhaps you are asking for it. Are you having an awful way of saying wrong things always? For instance, lazy employee’s slogan, “That isn’t my job”, “That’s not the way we used to do it at my former job”. such words are annoying, that is a destructive behavior which is commonly found in majority of employees and such a person cannot work with a demented boss for a long time.

2.The boss investigates on you:

Your manager will regularly ask your workmates about your daily attendance and job performance, while other colleagues in your department are not always investigated. Possibly the causes involve lack of trust, controlling or managing every department, or even psychopathic case. Nevertheless, the best solution is to approach your boss honestly and ask him / her to work together better.


Perhaps you could be knowing more about your manager’s job better than he / she does, or you have a better looking, always dress smarter, maybe you fell in love with someone whom he / she admires and etc. Some inexperienced managers normally lack self-respect and confidence and may try to reimburse for these uncertainties by often downgrading junior’ performance.

  1. Your salary raises request denied:

Your boss might tell you that “ no salary increment for you”, it does not necessarily mean that your job reeks, maybe it’s the budget restriction, but a good boss that values your efforts will humbly explain why you will not get a salary raise soon and will estimate when he thinks you will. However, the bad manager will keep ignoring your salary raise requests, will keep promising to settle everything soon and you can’t guarantee when exactly

  1. Few responsibilities:

Responsibilities that you used to manage are now being assigned to your workmates. New ones are being given to others. To make it worse, you’re being ordered to train new employees to do your job. Oh my God What’s happening? May be the management is in the process of firing you.

  1. No promotions given:

You have done the same job for many years, you’ve shown your capabilities, you have proved to them that you’re responsible, smart and reliable person.  But unfortunately, when new opportunities come, you’re avoided. Oh my God what’s happening? Of course, your boss hates you. Or maybe he / she knows how beneficial you’re in your present job especially if you’re good at it. It’s good for the boss, but not good for your profession.

  1. You get the terrible jobs always:

You’re regular assigned low-status jobs? making coffee, cleaning the toilet, cleaning the office, making photocopies after working hours and collecting mails. When you’re told to do all the above that simply means the boss has a low attitude of your skills or he / she thinks you have nothing better to do.

  1. Mean comments:

You’re always under-looked by the boss. Of course, these poisonous insult and smirk, especially if targeted at everybody within a distance, can be a sign of a terrible manager. But if you’re the endless target of this type of verbal deliberate cruelty, you better do something to stop it, alternatively, ask the boss to stop, just quit, seek the help from HR (if this is not allowed) or persevere silently.

  1. Being ignored:

You must have realized that in most cases your boss has no time for you! Always forgotten, meetings are always cancelled, changed / postponed at the last-minute, or perhaps you don’t get any response at all. The best solution is to approach the boss in a humble manner in his / her free time and convey your matters.