Four-time presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye has in a cryptic Facebook post hit at those criticizing his new political formation dubbed People’s Front for Transition (PFT) which he launched alongside several opposition political actors few days ago.

Besigye together with several opposition forces converged at the Justice Forum (JEEMA) Headquarters and a launched a new force to hit the ground and face Museveni head-to-head in a bid to end his 36-year rule that the group say is a reign of terror that should be stopped with a formidable force.

The formation was endorsed by Asuman Basalirwa’s JEEMA party, Kenny Lukyamuzi’s Conservation Party (CP) Peter Walubiri’s UPC faction, DP Block led by former presidential candidate Samuel Walter Mukaaku, People’s Progressive Party led by Saddam Gayila, Besigye’s Katonga road-based People’s government and the FDC led by party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

In the new political movement, Besigye was elected Chairman of the force deputized by Kampala lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who has been also party of the People’s Government which the group say it’s now part of the new formation.

However, the National Unity Platform was a no-show despite efforts by the Besigye group to engage the top leaders at Kamwokya, no reason has been made public as why Bobi’s group snubbed the joint People’s Front for Transition.

The formation has since sparked public debate about its impact and difference from the previous forces formed to drag Museveni out power. With many saying it will end up like the previous ones like Walk to Work, The Democratic Alliance (TDA), Inter Party Coalition among others.

Besigye hasn’t taken the criticism lightly and has in a Facebook post hit at those he calls the Junta Activists that they have been asleep but awakened by his new formation and are saying all manner of incoherent stuff to pour cold water on his force he believes will end Museveni’s bad rule.

“Interesting time: all the Junta activists that have been sleeping have been awakened and are saying all manner of incoherent stuff; indeed, like all people coming out of slumber. Time up! OUT”

Perhaps we all wait to see what People’s Front for Transition has in store to end Museveni’s rule.