Dr Lawrence Muganga

Talkative journalist Andrew Mwenda is not happy with Museveni’s security for the arrest of Victoria University’s vice chancellor Dr Lawrence Muganga who was nabbed from his office like a chicken chief at the university.

Despite being a Museveni sympathizer, Mwenda this time round is not happy with the security operatives who are still holding the University boss over claims of spying on Uganda. Dr Muganga who is a Rwandan by origin was found in possession of a Ugandan National Identification card and this has worsened the situation.

According to Mwenda who bitterly wrote to his social media pages, started with rhetorical questions like Why do Ugandan security agencies use methods last employed by Idi Amin’s goons to arrest people? Couldn’t they have invited Lawrance Muganga, the vice chancellor of Victoria University, to police for questioning and then detain him? What is so hard with acting civilized?

He wonders how president Museveni few weeks ago went to Television and Radios and slammed unethical arrests, tortures among other barbaric actions of the security agencies yet his words can’t be heeded to by the men in uniform who seem not to be ready to be nice to any one they intend to arrest.

Mwenda’s rants come at a time when Rwanda has closed her boarder with Uganda for close to three years and several Rwandese have been arrested, detained others deported over spying on Uganda. Negotiations haven’t yet yielded anything yet.

However, netizens have boldly told it Mwenda’s face that he’s saying that simply because fate befell his friend but not to the rest of Ugandans who were detained, brutally beaten in the aftermath of the 2021 general elections.

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