Fred Lumbuye Kajubi

Wednesday was a wash of news that leading Museveni’s most wanted critic Fred Kajubi Lumbuye aka Chemical Ali had been arrested in Turkey my commandos from his residence in Istanbul. Despite confirmation from Ugandan authorities that Lumbuye is in the hands of Turkish Authorities, none of his immediate friends have had a chance to see him.

The state of Foreign Affairs confirmed they have Lumbuye and would later at a press conference in Kampala strongly confirm that Lumbuye was arrested on migration related issues and had been deported and would land in the country in the early hours of Saturday.

Kyadondo East legislator Muwada Nkunyingi who is also the shadow minister of foreign affairs camped at the airport after confirming that Ugandan government had booked three fright tickets in the names of Lumbuye with Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Fly emirates but according to him none of them carried Lumbuye to Kampala.

Muwada Nkunyingi’s post

Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Zaake also came out and urged the public to disregard minister Oryem’s statements that Lumbuye was to be deported in Uganda and would later claim that Lumbuye was still in the hands of Turkish Authorities and efforts are underway to see him seek asylum in another country.

The arrest of Lumbuye came at the backdrop of Museveni’s efforts to arrest his critics mostly Facebook bloggers who had announced him dead, something that disturbed his peace as the country’s supreme leader. But for Lumbuye’s case, he has been regularly claiming to have confidential and exclusive information from the security meetings.

At one moment he claimed that Late Arch Bishop of Kampala Diocese was to be killed and should be careful with his movements, only for the man of God to meet his mysterious death under unknown circumstances though the postmortem revealed that Lwanga succumbed to Heart related illness.

The same Lumbuye would later through his Facebook live videos claim that former IGP and Army boss now Minister of Works Gen Katumba Wamala was due to be attacked by gunmen which indeed happened on 1st June 2021 when assailants attacked him in Kampala firing bullets that left him with injuries but claiming his Daughter Brenda Nabukenya and his driver.

Besides, announcing Museveni dead, Lumbuye is wanted for several cases including spreading propaganda, hate speech and answer questions related to his so-called confidential information which he has always been uttering in his videos.

Now after claiming Lumbuye and 15 others were on their back to Uganda, up to now it’s not clear whether Lumbuye is in Uganda since the Minister Oryem confirmed or he is still in Turkey since the Turkish Authorities and Security in Uganda all remain tight lipped on his whereabouts.

Lumbuye’s fanatics and some NUP leaders claim the blogger is still in Turkey and his next stop is Armstadam Netherlands where paperwork has been finalized to have him seek asylum contrary to what Kampala is saying that Lumbuye is going to be deported or has already been deported to Uganda with 15 others despite the Internal Affairs Spokesperson Jacob Simiyu and some inside sources at Entebbe International Airport insisting they haven’t checked in any one in the names of Fred Lumbuye Kajubi.

This means it’s only silent Turkish authorities and probably security sources who know where Lumbuye and 15 others arrested are, we wait to see as events unfold to update you our readers on the developments surrounding the most wanted blogger Fred Kajubi Lumbuye.