President Museveni has this evening eased the hard-hitting nation-wide lockdown which he announced on 18th June 2021 and it has lasted for 42 days which elapsed today 30th July 2021 amidst excitement from Ugandans who endured.

Following a decline on the new cases, deaths and admission of covid-19 related illnesses across the country, as usual Museveni’s THEREFORE Segment included the following new measures.

  1. Boda bodas who had been limited to carrying luggage will now start carrying one passenger and allowed to move up to 6:00pm maintain the SOPs.
  2. Private vehicles can now operate across district boarders in compliance with the SOPs.
  3. Curfew time maintained at 7pm-05:30am
  4. Places of worship remain closed for the next 60 days.
  5. Burials, weddings and other functions remain limited to only 20 people.
  6. Public transport allowed to resume under strict guidelines.
  7. Public gatherings like political rallies, concerts and bars remain closed.
  8. Comedians and musicians should entertain people virtually.
  9. Restaurants, saloons will start operating under strict guidelines.
  10. Schools will remain closed until vaccination for all children and teachers is done. Learning will remain virtually on Zoom, Televisions and Radios
  11. Malls, arcades and other business centres will now start operating under strict SOPs.
  12. Public transport will open at strictly 50% capacity effective Monday 2nd August 2021.

This story is still being updated with more details……


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