MoH Permanent Secretary Dr Atwine Diana– Courtesy Photo

It’s in public domain that Ministry of health which is at the forefront of fighting covid-19 but the bad news is that it has been in the spotlight over alleged mismanagement of funds earmarked to combat the pandemic that has left many countries across the world only at the mercy of their God.

Ugandans feel much as the ministry has done a commendable job in combating the Covid-19 pandemic alongside other killer diseases, they feel it’s high time Museveni raises a red flag and probe into how all the money from government, donations from outside and donations from Ugandans was spent.

Citing reference to the Auditor General’s report which highlighted mismanagement of Covid-19 funds, Dr Diana Atwiine in particular, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health has been at the receiving end since she’s the accounting officer for all health-related activities in the country.

Yesterday while appearing before a select committee of parliament on Covid-19 management chaired by Bugweri county legislator Abdul Katuntu, a furious MP questioned the way how money was spent and insisted on knowing who Dr Atwiine was since he was a new MP.

“Ugandans collected money here, Ugandans are generous people, You people ate the money where is the money, we collected over 29 billion, we donated cars, we gave you everything and you ate the money. Am a new member of parliament, I don’t know the person called Atwine, we want Madam Atwine to tell us where is our money we collected”-An Angry MP furiously questions.

It should be noted that when the Covid-19 had just made it’s to Uganda, a full blown lockdown was imposed and president Museveni during his numerous addresses to the nation called upon Ugandans to donate to the Covid-19 taskforce, companies came out and donated money, relief items, food, sanitizers, gloves, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), Cars (mostly four wheel drives) which the president preferred among other things.

Last week the Ministry of Health publicist Emmanuel Ainebyona in a press release warned online news sites against spreading covid-19 fund mismanagement allegations against his boss Atwine but the storm seems to be over from settling as a group of Human Rights activists urged Dr Atwine to resign over the same.

Below is a video from Daily Monitor of activists calling upon Dr Atwine to resign