FDC President Patrict Oboi Amuriat

The opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has today lashed out at the leadership of National Unity platform (NUP) for failing to deploy their FDC’s strong men like Semujju Nganda and Nandala Mafabi in opposition leadership in parliament.

In a video shared by NTV Uganda on Youtube, FDC’s president Patrict Oboi Amuriat is disturbed by the fact that by NUP not appointing people like Budadiri West MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi and Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Semujju Nganda to sensitive positions, NUP will miss out the experience that senior FDC MPs have in matters to do with parliamentary leadership.

This comes at the backdrop of appointments by NUP to lead the opposition wing in parliament where Nyendo- Mukungwe legislator Mathius Mpuuga was made the Leader of Opposition with Manjiya county legislator John Baptist Nambeshe opposition Chief Whip.

In the other appointments, JEEMA’s Asuman Basalirwa was appointed as Vice chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Amuru district women MP Ruth Akello was appointed to be vice chairperson of COSASE and FDC leading Independent Ojala Martic Mapenduzi was also appointed to head the Local Governments Accounts Committee deputized by DP’s Paul Lutamaguzi Semakula.

However after being at the helm of opposition in parliament for close to 15 years, FDC is not yet contented to the fact that NUP is now leading opposition. This is manifested by the attacks that senior FDC leaders throw at the National Unity Platform.

Some confusion emanates from the recently concluded speakership elections where FDC’s Semujju moved away with only 15 votes which are less by the number of MPs that FDC boast with in parliament.

The Kiira municipality legislator Semujju has spent the better half of last week crying foul why NUP as a party and Bobi wine as the head didn’t order their MPs to vote for him even before lashing at fellow FDC members who didn’t vote for him but either opted for Kadaga or Jacob Oulanyh.

By the way events are unfolding; it seems NUP is solely responsible for Semujju’s failure to become speaker despite calls for opposition unity for harmonious service delivery to the electorates.

“……Only one position was given to our own the Honorable Akello MP for Amuru district deputizing one of the committees, I believe ofcourse they have lost opportunity in deployment of very competent hands like the Honorable Ibrahim Semujju, like the Honorable Nandala Mafabi who is undisputed best PAC chairman far that we have ever had in that parliament but the opportunity should also be given to other people to learn but the learning should not be done in sensitive positions…… “says FDC president Amuriat.


However Amuriat says the FDC party is ready to share experience with NUP on how to run opposition leadership both with in parliament and outside parliament though the FDC party had vowed not to engage with NUP in matters to with politics after turning down a request by Bobi wine and NUP to meet the FDC leadership at Najjanankubi to discuss opposition in a broader perspective.

Video Credit: NTV Uganda