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OP-ED: Why Uganda Police Can Proudly Don Yellow Uniforms

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The Uganda police force has for long been at the helm of terrorizing Ugandans and several human reports have always rated it as the worst institution in abusing the plight of suffering Ugandans. Many have always painted it as a Museveni police serving one person and that’s Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa.

For years the incumbent president Museveni has always inflicted pain, injuries and all sorts of harm on his opponents since time immemorial. There comes a time when any sane Ugandan can ask where the cops in Uganda police are trained from, never elite and respectable.

Four-time presidential candidate Rtd Dr Kiiza Besigye has tested the wrath of Ugandan police since the time he announced to challenge his former boss in the bush and government. At One moment he almost lost his sight at the hands of the violent police officers in 2011.

A one Robert Arinaitwe quickly broke his car, prayed pepper direct in his eyes and he was only saved from Nairobi but he could be a blind man by now. He’s been arrested countless times and detained in different facilities in this country alongside many of his party members.

The most recent scenario that turned ugly is when police hurled pink water late last year on Dr. Kiiza Besigye who was standing on top of his vehicle during a political procession and almost fell off to the ground and sustained serious injuries, an act that was widely condemned.

Several other political activists from the opposition have also gone through countless suffering and mistreatment by Museveni’s police, several have lost their lives while others have been physically impaired or imprisoned the latest being Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Zaake who currently survives on walking sticks to move.

One can take almost a month writing about police brutality but I will keep short and simple in few words. As the Electoral commission opened nominations for presidential aspirants who are now candidates yesterday, President Museveni’s supporters cheered him peacefully and non was harmed by his men in Uniform and everybody challenged the police if they can live the test today for the opposition.

To prove they work for one person and that’s Tibuhaburwa, police hurriedly put FDC’s party headquarters under siege, arrested several party members including the spokesperson who is also member of parliament for Kiira municipality Ibrahim Semujju Nganda ahead of their party’s presidential nomination.

Moments later, the party president who had come to the party offices to finalize his nomination process was arrested like a chicken thief, bundled in a waiting police car which delivered him to Kyambogo without his shoes and rendered hopeless at the hands of the Uganda police which always makes excuses of orders from above.

Police could later be seen inflicting pain on the innocent Ugandans who were cheering National Unity Platform leader Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, sources indicate a couple of people got injured in the scuffle while others will live to be lame by the way teargas canisters hurled at them caused longtime physical impairment on their bodies.

Immediately after being nominated to run for the country’s top seat, Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu alias Bobi wine was also brutally arrested. Police had to break his car to arrest him and could later be seen thrown on the ground during the scuffle and many party members who escorted him for nomination were also injured.

Uganda police harmed a lot of people before and continues to inflict pain, before it was in the name of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) 2013 which was later quashed by the constitutional court and court said police had no powers to control gatherings. And now Ugandans are suffering similar pain in the name of Covid-19 guidelines.

The electoral commission too stands a taste to either tame the Uganda police which has confirmed to working for one person or let the race turn violent because the yellow camp will always go unharmed even when in the wrong but when it comes to the opposition it’s always like a warzone that leaves several nursing wounds.

This is why I suggest the Uganda police can proudly don the yellow Uniforms to openly declare their allegiance to the National Resistance Movement party (NRM) because by virtual of their conduct towards the opposition vis avis that of the ruling party calls for actions and condemnation especially as we head to the general elections.

In a country where a honorable member of parliament is arrested like a chicken thief, where a presidential candidate is arrested like a criminal, where the ground is not leveled for all the players can be compared to tying an opponent’s hands and then tell them to hit the playing field with your two hands and legs open.

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