National Unity Platform spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi has come out and strongly condemned the attack by goons on some of people power supporters plus journalist especially those who belong to NBS Television who were attacked and even lost equipment yesterday during campaigns in Lira

Vandalized NBS vehicle

In a statement posted on his official social media handle, Ssenyonyi has revealed that they have got information that the state in conjunction with police have made plans to keep planting goons, sometimes with NUP/People Power t-shirts in the crowds that welcome Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in the various districts he goes to.  Joel Ssenyonyi alleges that the police the intention is for them to wreak havoc by attacking people including media like they did yesterday, such that NUP gets soiled

Inside destroyed NBS’s vehicle

The spokesperson also narrates that this not the first-time police are doing this. That when they went to Lira for consultations in January of this year, the then Lira DPC George Obia carried goons wearing People Power t-shirts and tags at the back of his police truck. The goons had sticks, ropes and metals, it looked like they were going on a hunting spree.

However, Joel Ssenyonyi has appealed to the National Unity Platform Supporters to remain peaceful, that way they shall easily identify those who are planted to cause chaos.