Jinja South Division West Aspirant Paul Kawanguzi

As Shakespeare said that It’s not over until it’s all over, this website has exclusively learnt how 100s of both FDC supporters and NUP/People power supporters have stormed FDC’s Paul Kawanguzi’s home urging him to stand on National Unity Platform ticket following last Saturday’s controversial party primaries that tore the party even more where the electoral process was questionable and supporters blame their leaders of flaunting the electoral process in favor of particular candidates.

According to sources in the FDC party, the primaries were marred with infiltration with an invisible hand from the NRM to block Paul Kawanguzi who has been giving the incumbent Moses Grace Balyeku sleepless nights. The party district chairperson Abubaker Maganda is alleged to have collected cash from the incumbent to buy off the party delegates to vote Dr Timothy Lusala who is perceived to be a weaker and unpopular candidate compared to his counterpart who allegedly won the 2016 elections but wasn’t declared.

Inside sources in the party further allege that Abubaker Maganda and his family are moles working for the downfall of the FDC in Jinja following his continued support for NRM candidates contrally to the party policy. In the 2016 general elections, Maganda publicly supported Hon. Moses Grace Balyeku, he also supported NRM’s Igeme Nabeta for JInja East MP and ditched the then FDC strong man in the race Paul Mwiru.

When the election was later annulled by court of appeal, the same Maganda agreed contractual terms with the NRM national party chairperson and president of the republic of Uganda to de-campaign the FDC candidate Paul Mwiru at a cost of UGX 20 million which he publicly acknowledged to have received during a live radio talk show at Baba Fm.

This website has exclusively learnt that a concerned party member Joseph Luganda petitioned the party in-regard to chairman Maganda’s alliance with the NRM to kill the party, but it’s alleged that he’s guarded by the party’s Secretary General Nandala Mafabi who is believed to be his brother-in-law and nothing has since been done to save the party from hyenas.

Following the controversial primary elections held at Kakindu stadium in Jinja city, Paul Kawanguzi petitioned the Najjanankumbi leadership about the irregularities in the party elections where only rural rejects were favored than the politically well placed FDC die herds in the city, Dr.Timothy Batuwa Lusala was declared winner for Jinja South division west who shifted base from Kagoma where he lost two times running on the FDC ticket.

Nabukwasi Enid who happens to be Maganda’s wife allegedly a sister to FDC’s Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi was declared winner for Jinja city woman MP after shifting from Bulambuli district where she also lost miserably, Emmanuel Wansalala who also previously contested in Buzaaya constituency in Kamuli district was declared unopposed for Jinja south division East after his immediate opponent Kabugo Musa was disqualified two days to the voting on allegations that he didn’t have the qualifications.

A disgruntled Kabugo was said to have been Mwiru Paul’s own project and chairman Maganda allegedly did his best to kick him out of the game so that Wansalala takes his route to face off with the incumbent who recently changed his allegiance to Mugisha Muntu’s A.N.T party. This still risked FDC’s principal of democracy where candidates are eliminated through syndicated methods contrally to the known popular vote and still the largest opposition party couldn’t foresee a syndicate of sorts from the Batuwa candidature.

Kawanguzi consulting his supporters on the next move    

When contacted, Mr. Paul Kawanguzi assured this website that his party is handling every bit of this confusion and next week, he will have a clear position in regards to his candidature. He’s still FDC but respects all opposition forces in Jinja South Division west and believes he’s strong and popular because he’s a darling to all opposition forces and a voice to the common man in the constituency.

“I am still FDC, I haven’t left the party and I don’t intend to leave unless the circumstances force me to leave” Said Paul Kawanguzi.

According to some supporters who thronged Paul Kawanguzi’s home, they want him to appear on the ballot paper to rid themselves from MP Moses Balyeku who has ashamed them of being one of the worst legislators in the 10th parliament and to themselves only Paul Kawanguzi can remedy this wrong.

“We cannot let Balyeku contest against himself when Paul Kawanguzi who is our very own and a down to earth man and knows how to handle him is here being oppressed by his own party. Kawanguzi is a tried, tested and trusted leader in Jinja west than the rest of the candidates, he defeated Balyeku in 2016, only that he rigged his way to parliament and that’s why he didn’t even celebrate his victory” said Paul Kisubi a boda boda rider and resident of Mpumudde.

Many political veterans maintain that could the party fail to solve the mess in the FDC camp in Jinja district and leave Kawanguzi Paul to cross to Bobi wine’s NUP party, the party in Jinja will remain in shambles and he will surely deliver to the wish of his voters and will definitely end Balyeku’s stint not only in Jinja politics but Busoga at large regardless of the political party that has fronted him because the political tides are in his favor.