President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be returning to our Television sets and Radios for a comprehensive update on the country’s fight against covid-19 which has ravaged many countries leaving their economies on bended knees.

In his last Covid-19 address to Ugandans on 1st this month, president Museveni allowed public transport to resume under strict guidelines and put a continued ban on those in boarder districts, he also put the same ban boda boda only to carry cargo for more 21 days as the curfew also remains in place until further notice.

In today’s address, the president will be giving an update on the opening of educational institutions which went into hibernation when he announced the first measures on 18th March 2020, Museveni had suggested government gives out at least two television sets per village or one radio set per household which caused mixed reactions.

Many Ugandans wait to see whether the president will allow those who operate in arcades, saloonists, among other businesses to resume work. The president’s speech comes at the backdrop of hiking numbers of Covid-19 cases currently standing at 770 causing anxiety among Ugandans as health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng and Makerere scientists hinted on a need for another four months lockdown.