Disturbing news reaching our news desk indicate that a yet to be identified man has been burnt to ashes in Najja town Buikwe district after residents suspected him of suffering from Coronavirus

According to some residents, the victim had just came back from Kenya where he has been working.

More details on this story will come shortly as we gather more information as events unfold. We shall keep you posted.


  1. Such an incident throws a bad reputation on Uganda.

    People should educate themself.
    Not on youtube, not on social media.
    WHO (world health organisation from the United Nations)
    Website: http://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
    or even while more focused on Germany, the Robert-Koch-Institute,
    Germanys leading gouvermental institute for tropical diseases and epedemics.
    Site can be changed to english.

    And don’t belief in consipracy theories!

  2. Suspected Corona virus victim burnt to Ash in Buikwe isn’t true.The one burnt was suspected to be a thief due to the rampant thefty in NAJJA town.

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