Big Story: Keep Your Hands Off Women Who Pull- Nambooze Hits Back At Minister Mutuuzo


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Minister Peace Mutuuzo At Uganda Media Centre

The state minister for Gender Peace Mutuuzo while delivering a communication on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) yesterday at Uganda Media Centre sounded a warning to women who visit the bush commonly known as “Okukyalila Ensiko or Okusika in luganda to stop with immediate effect.

The practice is performed to girls when they hit puberty stage by their aunties and metrons schools and it involves elongating their labia majora to a recommendable size. According to Peace Mutuuzo the practice hasn’t been proved by scientists that it adds no value to women that’s why God created them to be short.

However, her words have sparked public outcry and criticism with many especially women saying the Minister seems to be joking or is not aware of the advantages of pulling the woman’s labia. Among these is Mukono Municipality legislator Josephine Nambooze who urges the minister to concentrate on matters of national importance and developmental issues than regarding a ban on a cultural practice that has existed for over 600 years and no health effects have been reported.

“Why stand at the media centre to make such announcements? I wish to remind you of the real reproductive challenges faced by Ugandan girls that need urgent attention and strong announcements by your Ministry.” Posted Nambooze on her facebook

Nambooze further tells the minister Mutuuzo that the culture of pulling is not done by force to women, they do it willingly and it’s the reason Baganda are very reasonable and they have without being moved abolished several cultures around women that were unfair.

“It’s wrong to say that cultures around sexual organs of a women objectifies them as sex objects. Women love to be women…. they cherish their sexuality. It will surprise you to see that women are going to be your main opposers because for them (for us including you) they enjoy it when they rule the world because of their sexuality. Kindly put your effort where it will be appreciated”-Nambooze posted

The country has however joned the world to commemorate the International Day on Zero tolerance on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which is known to be practiced among the Sabiny, Pokot and Karimojong communities.

A Screen shot of Nambooze’s post

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