Busiro South MP Peter Sematimba

If you thought you have seen it all in the Pear of Africa, you need to revisit your conclusion before you see Busiro South legislator Hon Peter Sematimba, yes you get it right i mean Pira Sematimba who sat for senior six Exams last year and is eager to see how he performed as the Examination body is set to release the results.

Sematimba who was in the news recently when he was caught on Camera applying make ups in his face, as in lipstick, lip shiner, eye pencil and furnishing his cutex as a parliamentary session was on going discussing the new curriculum has said it again as he’s an American with his village in Los Angeles.

The legislator who sat for his A level at Kakoola High School in Luwero district while speaking to a local television said he has been enjoying his vacation not from Busiro a constituency he represents but from Los Angels which is his ancestral home and is in Uganda for Kyeyo.