Singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso

Wednesday night, social media was a wash of messages calling for help to rescue musician Pallaso who landed in an ambush of charged South Africans who were protesting against Nigerians who had allegedly killed a colored South African on Tuesday night.

A source that referred anonymity while speaking to Ultimate News reveal that Pallaso was not shooting a video as it had been earlier reported, he was just moving around town when he nearly kissed the grave.

It’s not only Pallaso who was attacked but they were charged and beating every one including fellow South Africans, according to our source, the place where Pallaso suffered the attack is where the late African Reggae King Lucky Dube was killed from.

Pallaso had earlier made a live video on his Facebook page crying to the world to help him narrating his ordeal and this was confirmed by his brothers Jose Chameleone and Weasle Manizo, almost an hour later, Pallaso was rescued by fellow Ugandans and taken to hospital and by the time we talked to our source who was not very far from the scene, Pallaso was not so much hurt and from the hospital he was taken at a friend’s place called Hajjati Zaituni.