As the country prepares to commemorate the international Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation tomorrow 6th February 2020, Minister of State for Gender Peace Mutuuzo has sounded a veiled warning to women who have been pulling commonly known as Okusika or Okukyalila Ensiko in Luganda to stop with immediate effect.

Minister Mutuuzo further states in her message delivered at Uganda Media centre in the Capital Kampala that pulling which involves elongating the labia majora on the women genitalia is totally wrong. The practice which is common among the Bantu speaking tribes of Basoga, Baganda, Bagisu, Banyoro among others is said to be another form of female genital mutilation because God designed a woman to have short labias not long as perceived

“Some people calling themselves Aunties have been going even on Televisions even in schools teaching and helping people especially children how to pull that what they do is wrong and will not be tolerated because scientists have informed us that they add nothing to women because God had a reason to design a woman like that”- Says Minister Mutuuzo