President Museveni And Bishop Lwanga-FILE PHOTO

The Arch Bishop of the Kampala province of the catholic church Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has lashed out at government for always making it a routine to mistreat opposition politicians. The man of God says after 34 years, president Museveni’s government still does the same things that took him and his colleagues to the bush.

Dr Cyprian says it’s government that has popularized Bobi wine who has been in politics in less than 3 years, he further says it’s Museveni’s henchmen who have made Besigye a popular figure in Uganda today.

“All the popularity that Bobi wine has now is because of president Museveni, the blutality against opposition is giving the president a bad name, police should stop brutality because the people being beaten are also voters” Says Dr Lwanga

He said during his summon yesterday 26th January 2020 as Museveni and NRM were in Ibanda cerebrating 34 years of sticking to power and are seeking a re-election to extend their rule to 40 years in the elections due next year.

It should be noted that the former Forum for Democratic Change president and four time presidential candidate was Museveni’s personal Doctor during the war but Dr Cyprian Kizito wonders how Museveni treats him in a manner that’s unfair and ungodly.

“Dr Besigye used to treat them but now they are mistreating him, now teargassing him and battering him, is that the pension you give him?” Asks Dr Lwanga