Police At MP Nambooze’s Home

As the road to 2021 gets new strides, with different political parties revisiting and drawing new scripts to counter Museveni in the 2021 polls where he seeks to extend his rule in Uganda to 40 years, the Forum for Democratic change (FDC) and Besigye’s People’s Government opted to Drag Tata Muhoozi to the Hague based International Criminal Court (ICC).

However, as FDC and people’s Government desperately search for signatures to back their petition in different parts of the country, Police which has been keeping a deaf ear on the matter seems to be waking up fully recharged to halt the petition with full force.

Mukono Municipality Legislator Betty Nambooze who had called a press conference at her home to rally the people of Mukono to sign the petition has cried foul as police cordoned off her home not to allow the presser to take place.

A frustrated Nambooze posted on her social media “Police is not about to allow me to do my “Comedy”…My home where I called for a Presser at which we are to launch the signing of the ICC Petition has been taken over by Police! You said it was comedy,you said you were not intimidated, you said people will not sign….why now panic?”

Many politicians including the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) who is former FDC president Maj Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu downplayed claiming, the ICC petition cannot smoke Museveni out of power.

Dr Besigye signs Petition to drag Museveni to ICC

People’s Government leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye says Museveni is committed many crimes against humanity and deserves to face ICC a move that is seen as one of the many failed strategies that he has so far used to oust Museveni after promising Ugandans that Museveni by December 2019 will be no more.