Thursday last week marked a historical moment in singer Rema’s life time when she introduced her newly found man Dr Hamza Ssebunya in a kiss and tell affair that has left many talking and dominated the media because of the glamour, pomp and style in which the function was set to shine.

As Rema continues to praise her man on social media, some of her fans have managed to remind her of how she used to say the same words to her now EX boyfriends Singers Mathias Walukaga and Golden Boy Eddy Kenzo whom she had been staying with and enjoying steamy bonking sessions for the past 5 years.

One fan who goes by the names of Ugandan citizens on Twitter replied that “Mpozi nekilala, your Ssebunya is acting just like any other guy who impregnates a lady to show his manhood before weddings, same thing to u. Kale singa abadde agenda kuba wuwo yekka bambi. Kasita obeera happy we shall be happy,

This comes at the time when Singer Eddy Kenzo is trying to prove to the world that he’s not hurt by Rema’s exit from his life given his earier rants on social media that later came to pass with out any reaction from his tormentors.