Seven Facts About Kampala Babes That Will Shock You


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Ugandan Babes Chilling

You have been to Kampala either for happening, work or at any university hostel for fun or anything related to that, I guess you have bumped into one, two, three or more of the Kampala babes who are sparkling with elegance and beauty.

Well, you must have enjoyed the vibe or felt the pinch of disappointments from these Kampala babes, I take you through just Seven facts about them that should be on your fingertips whenever you plan a date with any of them.

1.She will borrow money from her pocket and make you pay it.

This so common among the university babes, when you call her for a date or anything in that same line and you are worried of sending her transport, she will quickly bring a suggestion, she will be like Steve Can I borrow from my friend you will pay when I reach. She will take this money from her wallet and by all means you will cough it on her departure.

2.Call her for an outing and she will turn up with a flock of her friends

Oba some chics be how, you will invite her for an outing in and around Kampala and to your surprise, she will turn up with a flock of her 3 or 4 friends who will sip drinks like they are shifting to another planet and the bill will be presented to you for clearance and in many cases you will record a failure in your pick and play attempt.

My friend James who suffered this trick told me how his girlfriend turned up with her friends who were yawning endlessly until their friend (his girlfriend) told them to order for what they want. To his surprise the bill was unmanageable and was beyond his ability, he managed to escape and what happened to the ladies after can only be found in my next chapter about this proposal.

3.They can submit their project proposals on the first date

If you have moved to countries like Kenya, where a boyfriend is called a sponsor, you can now know the origin of this habit of babes telling there would be boyfriends all her necessities on the first date. In project planning, peaching is an important basic, you will get disappointed by these Kampala babes when she starts narrating all her needs on her first date with you.

4.They prefer older men to their young counterparts.

If you didn’t know what am meaning, just drop at any of the happening places in the city, you will think it’s a visitation day or anything of the sort. You know Kampala babes are not socialists like those from Mbarara, they are capitalists who like guys with a deeper pocket because they live a swanky life, they end up dating old-married- mature men who can meet their demands. My brother if you are still a shillingionare and not a millionaire, don’t risk because you will get a disappointment of your life time.

5.They are can brag about living a posh life yet many sleep like Chicken

Don’t say I didn’t warn in advance; you should never get shocked when you find her sleeping like maize with her other friends. Babes can really brag like she lives in those swanky homes in Muyenga kumbe they sleep down town in Bwaise, they pretend living a life different from their reality.

6.Kampala babes are liars

This is nolonger news when it comes to lying, babe can even call you submit to you a pregnant lie, she’be like “Babe am feeling a terrible headache, it’s really terrible I can’t walk” just to dupe you send her money for lunch or to bail out her boyfriend when he’s having debts. My brother do a mistake of chewing her without a condom, even if you buy for her postinor in the morning, she will call you after two weeks and inform you of how she’s pregnant just to dupe you send her money for rent. She will this to all her other bonkmates just to collect enough. There’s a new trend of lie growing from the boda boda guys where she agree with him a different amount beyond the normal, the boda boda guy will give her cash and you (the boy friend) will pay the boda boda guy upon arrival.

7.They are players, cheaters and husband snatchers

A player is someone who serves her sumbie to one or more boyfriends, if you find a true city man eater, you will realize on your first date if your sharp like me that she’s a whooper addict. She will have a handful or more of boy friends who cater for her demands, she will have a boda boda guy who will be the minister of transport in her government, another guy will be there to cater for rent, lunch (commonly a chapatti guy) is there to support among others. So my brother while in Kampala don’t invest much in relationships, take my advice carefully with this in mind, WHATEVER YOU DO, LEAVE ROOM FOR DISAPPOINTMENT.

 I sign out for now, catch you later guys

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