Bobi Wine Narrowly Escapes Arrest During a Military Raid in Wakiso


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On Thursday at around 9;00pm, social media of people especially those from the political circles was a wash of news of army surrounding a hotel in Kakiri where Bobi Wine, MP Francis Zaake, Joel Ssenyonyi among other people power bosses were holding a meeting.

However, as the Luganda saying states that “Sekawuka kali kakulumye bwokalaba okadduka” literally meaning “An insect that has ever bitten you, when you see it, you take off”. Indeed, Bobi wine and the colleagues who have ever tasted the mistreatment of these men in uniform stealthily fled the hotel and no one was arrested.

This comes at a time president Museveni is seeking to extend his rule in Uganda to 40 years while the young star turned politician Bobi Wine is also ready to challenge him despite efforts by the regime to humiliate him.

However, after the incident, People power spokesperson narrated the ordeal on his twitter handle of how they took it to the bush not to fight but escaping the men in Uniform who have been known for mistreating Ugandans.

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