President Museveni has appointed former fire base vice president Butcherman as his adviser on Ghetto matters as the highly contested 2021 general elections draws closer.

This website can clearly analyse that President Museveni is doing all the best to match his political competitors, recently he registered as a musician and insiders say he’s recording a sole album ahead of the general elections.

For the past two years, Museveni has appointed several people to counter Bobi wine but all seems to have failed, he initially appointed Brian Kirumira alias Brian White who splashed out money but still failed the mission, he later appointed Bobi wine’s arch Musical enemy Bebe cool who has also tried his best to pour cold water on Bobi wine’s political career but all in vain.

Now that all has failed, he has appointed Bobi Wine’s former friend Butchaman who had gone off the scene to lead his struggle ahead of 2021 elections in the Ghetto. Museveni seems to be having no other idea to convince the ghetto youths whom he had abandoned for the past 30 years.

President also appointed singer Catherine Kusasira as his advisor on Kampala matters, this makes Museveni’s list of advisers who share the tax payer’s grow big every other day.


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